Sarah Pennell
Vaulted_spiral_stair Groin_vault Arched_airbrick Domed_gazebos
Flint_bridge Rib_vaulted_porch Domed_mausoleum Gauged_brick_arch
Footbridge Muqarnas_niche Vaulted_stair Arcade
  Vaulted_spiral_stair Groin_vault Domed_gazebos

“It strikes some people as strange that I focus on the arch as I do. I'm fascinated by the design and construction potential of the arch. It can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. It can create a legacy for the future. And that’s what I do: I use the arch to create legacies for my clients.

However, pure conservation cannot hold a candle to the challenges and satisfactions of “evolutionary” projects. I work with architects, designers and construction companies. I work with heritage organisations and the private owners of historic properties. I work with home owners who want to create something outstanding - whether in the house or grounds. And I work with other craft masters. In fact, I enjoy working with anybody who shares even a little of my ambitions for the arch in the 21st century!”