Sarah Pennell

The success of the construction phase depends on what we do before we start construction not just during it: the preparation phase is crucial to ensuring we have the materials, the people and the site ready for action. Delays and overruns are more often caused by lack of preparation: we know this, and work hard to make sure it doesn't happen.

However, until you start the physical process you can never be absolutely sure about what will happen, and the most frequent problem on site is a lack of flexibility. That’s why Sarah Pennal herself works on each site. But the result of going that extra mile is a job that is completed to the highest standards - and is still on time and almost always on budget.

The best first step, though, is to talk with us. An initial chat often establishes whether we are likely to be able to deliver what you want and need. Contact Us

Vaulted_spiral_stair Groin_vault Arched_airbrick Domed_gazebos
Flint_bridge Rib_vaulted_porch Domed_mausoleum Gauged_brick_arch
Footbridge Muqarnas_niche Vaulted_stair Arcade
  Vaulted_spiral_stair Groin_vault Domed_gazebos